Welcome to the webpage of Maria Möckel!

Are you looking for violin or viola lessons with an experienced and dedicated teacher in the center of Amsterdam?

Maria teaches children and adults, from beginners to advanced students. Lessons with lots of making music together and fun from the very beginning – but at the same time working on mastering the violin. In an individual lesson students can develop in their own pace and follow their interests. From classical music to folk, pop, jazz, tango…every style suits the violin. Maria edits a lot of music and makes the learning material very personal for every student. Wether it’s that nice tune you sing at school or the pop song that doesn’t seem to leave your head – Maria helps you figure them out on the violin! Diligently working on technique, training your ear and learning more about music theory, improvising, writing your own music – there are so many ways to help you progress on the violin.

Besides individual lessons Maria organizes ensemble lessons for children and adults and several student concerts per year. Every opportunity to make music together or perform we try to seize: family orchestra or playing at school – Maria edits the music and helps to prepare. She also supports her students with practicing their part for a youth- or amateur orchestra.

Learning a musical instrument challenges you on all levels. It stimulates brain development not only in children, but also still at adult age. Making music connects people and makes you happy!

Want to meet Maria? Make an appointment for a free trial lesson! info@alt-vioolles.nl of 06-5062 4664

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